Donald Trump and Bill Barr get into bizarre war of words as everything unravels for them both

Earlier today, Palmer Report explained why it really doesn’t much matter at this point whether or not Donald Trump fires Attorney General Bill Barr. But things do seem to be coming to a head tonight between the two of them, even as everything unravels for them both.

According to CNN, a “source familiar with” Bill Barr is now leaking that Barr views Trump’s post-election threats and antics as nothing more than “the deposed King ranting.” To be clear, Barr has a consistent history of leaking things to the media under the guise of it coming from a ” source familiar with” him. In other words, Barr is putting these fighting words out there on purpose.

So what is Barr doing? At this point it sounds like he’s trying to get fired. Why would he do this? Once Trump is out of office in just 39 days, the DOJ will have to decide whether to criminally charge Barr for the several counts of felony obstruction of justice that he committed in the name of helping Trump. Perhaps Barr figures that if he can get Trump to fire him, it’ll allow him to argue that he couldn’t have possibly been corruptly in league with Trump. This won’t work, but Barr is facing prison, and he has to try something.

In any case, if Bill Barr is indeed now trying to get fired, it suggests that either Donald Trump has already secretly pardoned Barr, or that Barr has concluded he’s not going to get a pardon one way or the other. And again, if Trump fires Barr, it won’t suddenly give Trump some kind of magical DOJ powers. It would generate a lot of scary ratings-driven hype from pundits, but it really wouldn’t change much.

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