Here comes Donald Trump’s week from hell

Tucker Carlson is paranoidly declaring the NSA is spying on him. The facts are that the NSA can only legally monitor you if the person you are emailing/texting is an agent of a hostile foreign power or a FISA court has determined you are. Neither of these are good scenarios for Tucker. If he’s making this up in an attention-seeking victim way, then one is forced to conclude that he’s very afraid of that leaked information. Which, of course, makes us all want to know what it is. We suspect target letters are flying out of the DOJ like Mardi Gras beads.

Republican Governor Kristi Noem, meanwhile, is hiring out her state’s National Guard to Texas as privately funded mercenaries. The predicate is that those criminal “illegals” headed north to Texas will keep on trucking all the way to that land of miracles, South Dakota, and create a crime wave. And somehow, of course, it’s all Joe Biden’s fault. Nonetheless, this has the stink of illegality all over it and we suspect it will be stopped by the courts.

But nothing tops the crazy that is sure to be going on within Trump & Co. Wesselberg is counting the minutes before an indictment pops up, along with an indictment of his children. According to Michael Cohen, they’re being told by Trump that the investigation is nothing, stay loyal and he’ll take care of it. If they were wise, they’d heed Cohen’s example as a warning, among the thousands of others Trump has ditched in their hour of need.


But these folks like Wesselberg and the Trump children, know no god but The Donald. They cannot conceive of their Trump bubble exploding. So, get the popcorn, pop the champagne and settle in. If Don Jr.’s unhinged social media posts are any indication, it’s going to be a bumpy week.

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