Here come the fireworks

Last night we all learned that the January 6th Committee has formally targeted House Republican Scott Perry for his alleged role in Donald Trump’s 2020 election tampering criminal plot. Last night we also learned that the committee is looking at making a criminal referral against Trump for everything from obstruction of Congress to wire fraud.

What’s remarkable is that this is just the buildup before the committee begins its televised hearings in the new year and starts putting the most serious revelations out there. We suspected the committee would begin laying the groundwork for the hearings before the holidays, so as to steer the media’s and the public’s expectations in the right direction and build anticipation. Sure enough, that’s now happening.

The committee wouldn’t be putting it out there that it’s looking to refer Trump for prosecution on these specific charges unless it expects to amass (or more likely already has amassed) enough evidence to make an overwhelming and ironclad case against him. This answers the question of what the committee was doing during its months of closed door hearings with hundreds of cooperative lower level witnesses.


So here come the fireworks. The January 6th Committee is making clear that it now has enough evidence to begin formally targeting specific House Republicans, and strongly hinting that it now has enough evidence to take Donald Trump down. Going forward, the revelations that the committee feeds to the media every few days will surely only end up being even more revelatory. The biggest fireworks will begin after the holidays, but it’s obvious that the fireworks show is beginning already.

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