Donald Trump has a racketeering problem in New York

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If you thought Trump was insane when he lost the Presidency, wait till you see him cooling his heels while waiting for his appeals to go through the criminal court system. That’s right, Trump is likely soon to be indicted in New York using the “little RICO” criminal statute prohibiting racketeering and corrupt organizational practices. Such a prosecution would be against the Trump Organization but also Donald Trump, Allen Weisselberg, and perhaps Don Jr, Eric, and, yes, even Ivanka. These criminal proceedings have stiff state sentences and those found guilty won’t be doing their time at a plush Federal prison camp.

Trump is trying to spin this as a “witch hunt” against him, of course, but does anyone listen to this former guy anymore? His followers are grumbling about civil war, but that’s laughable. We don’t care how many guns the Republicans have, the US government has more and is willing to use them against insurrectionists, particularly after January 6th.
It’s only the beginning. Trump and his cohorts have committed crimes worthy of the Hague.

Once this prosecution is wrapped up, they’ll all be hit again with various other prosecutions from other states. The Feds will also stand in line to prosecute and take whatever’s left of their freedom. And eventually, if we keep on course, we may finally find out why Trump looked like such a whipped dog in his Helsinki meeting with Putin. Keeping fingers crossed.

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