Here come the desperate GOP strategies as Donald Trump circles the drain

As election season is now in full swing, we’re going to see the Republicans fall to some desperate strategies to hold onto their power. Most of them are unlikely to work, so as a last resort they’ll try to sell undecided voters on the notion that Democrats and Republicans are just as bad as each other. This isn’t true and even Republicans don’t believe it (or else they would vote Democrat from time to time), but it can put us on the defensive and think that by voting for Joe Biden and Democrats in down-ballot races, we’re simply voting against Donald Trump, rather than voting for the betterment of the country.

Joe Biden’s new housing plan is a major reason to vote for the ticket. If it weren’t, Donald Trump wouldn’t be trying to claim credit for it before it’s even implemented, as he’s done with most good things the previous administration accomplished. Biden’s proposal, if passed, would expand something called section 8 housing vouchers. It’s currently the largest rental assistance program in America, and would be made available to every applicant who qualifies, by having cities break down their zoning barriers. Implementing this could curb child poverty by one-third its current level, while also increasing opportunities for middle-class residents who are struggling to pay rent.

The proposal, described in detail on his campaign website, is influenced by legislation written by Rep. Jim Clyburn and Sen. Cory Booker. It’s one of the many ambitious ideas that we can hope to see a new Biden Administration get to work on right away, provided they have the allies in Congress to make it happen – something that will require voters to come out on November 3 and help bring about another blue wave by electing Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot.

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