Donald Trump has berserk meltdown after GOP Senators Mitt Romney and Pat Toomey slam him

After Donald Trump commuted the prison sentence of his criminal co-conspirator Roger Stone last night, Republican Senator Mitt Romney launched a scorching attack on Trump’s corruption this morning. As the day went on, Republican Senator Pat Toomey offered a more subtle criticism of Trump’s handling of Stone. It turns out Trump is less than happy about it.

Trump tweeted this utterly bizarre late night meltdown, falsely accusing a number of people of gibberish and imaginary crimes:


We award Pat Toomey no points for speaking out against Donald Trump in a manner that’s too little too late; Toomey voted to acquit Donald Trump even though he knew Trump was guilty and dangerous. But at least Toomey is getting under Trump’s skin – and Mitt Romney perhaps finally isn’t quite standing alone on the GOP side.

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