What the hell is wrong with this guy?

On The Rachel Maddow Show on Wednesday, guest host Joy Reid exposed the “President” Donald Trump for the fraud he continues to be. In an attempt at showing how hard he was working (that was the first clue), Trump apparently staged a series of photos that are about as legitimate as his boast to the troops today in Iraq:

“You haven’t gotten [a raise] in more than ten years…And we got you a big one. …I said no. Make it ten percent. Make it more than ten percent. Because it’s been a long time.”

Of course, this series of sentences is a string of four letter words: lies. As noted, on Friday, Trump had a photo taken of him at the Resolute Desk, with a stack of items he said were bills. It appears that the “bills” he is purporting to sign are blank. Then, on Monday, he posted a photo of himself and his team apparently discussing North Korea. However, according to reporters and those watching, no Marines were in front of the White House, so that photo probably wasn’t taken on Christmas Eve. Finally, once he got to Christmas Eve, Trump tweeted about a very long contract that likely he did not hand out, especially given that there is no funding for the wall:

“I am in the Oval Office & just gave out a 115 mile long contract for another large section of the Wall in Texas. We are already building and renovating many miles of Wall, some complete. Democrats must end Shutdown and finish funding. Billions of Dollars, & lives, will be saved!”
This is not how any of this works. In addition, as a lawyer, I know we are verbose, but a contract that is 115 miles long? Wow, that is some serious terms and conditions.

More and more each day the “President” is becoming the Mad King, bereft of any semblance of reality. Then again, reports are that the podiatrist, Dr. Larry Braunstein, may have found some imaginary bone spurs for the most famous cadet as a favor to Fred Trump, so Trump has been used to living a fantasy life. Bigly sad that he is now in the spotlight by his own choosing, and he’s being exposed each day for what he truly is.