Hell in a handbasket

“I don’t have to tell you things are bad.”

“Everybody knows things are bad.”

“It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy.”

“So we don’t go out anymore.”

“We sit in the house.”

“Please, leave us alone in our living rooms.”

“I’m mad as hell. And I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Ah — the past. These quotes above are from “Network,” a 1976 film about — well — a network in the business of television.

It’s a great film which many of you have seen. But I write about it because — look at the words above. They really are timeless, are they not? They could have been said yesterday.

I am not asking that you yell out your window. In fact, I advise against it. I do ask you to be on your guard against — networks. ALL OF THEM.

They are starting already. They do not leave us alone for a minute.

Behold the madness:

“The Democrats have a rough road in 2024.”

“Your map doesn’t look good to keep the senate in 2024.”

“The Democrats have a rocky road ahead.”

“Can Biden really win again?”

“things worked out well for the democrats — this time.”

I have written countless Palmer Report articles about the media. I consider this the most important. Why? Because “I’m mad as hell. And I’m not going to take it anymore.” And you shouldn’t either. I’d like to save readers from months and months of potential gloom and doom, sadness, and irritability.

So in the spirit of doing the right thing, which most networks need help understanding, I ask you to change the channel.Turn it off. Do the old switcheroo and change from CNN or MSNBC or CBS or whatever idiotic network is trying to sell you the latest bill of goods.

I know some of you stopped watching months or years ago. I speak of those who DO still watch. We NEED to stop the media in its tracks. And the networks are gearing up for another two years of madness. But we can stop them if they have no audience.

See, just like Trump — the problem isn’t just the networks. It’s the customers. The fewer consumers they have, the less likely they’ll put this stuff out. So next time you get mad as hell — just change the station.