Donald Trump is having a really bad day and he knows it

After we saw a thunderous torrent of bad news for Donald Trump on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Friday ended up being rather quiet all around. Even as we wait to see how much worse the bad news gets for Trump once Monday comes around, he’s already well aware of just how badly things are going for him – and he just told us as much.

Donald Trump has now posted thirteen tweets and retweets today, and counting. Not only is that well above his average in general, it’s unprecedented for a Saturday, which is typically his quietest day by far. He’s been frantically ranting and raving about everything from the Mexican border, to the Democrats, to seeking vengeance against everyone who has helped expose his crimes. In fact Trump is still ranting as we’re writing this. So what’s going on?

On some level, Trump is clearly looking to create a distraction from his worsening scandals. It’s why he’s threatening to jam up the Mexican border in a way that will “cause traffic & commercial delays,” even as he posts the idiotic and infantile (and impeachable in its own right) declaration “Give Up, Trump-Haters.” What is this jackass, a two year old? But then that’s the point. Trump wants us focusing on this garbage, because the real news is devastating for him right now.

The question is why Donald Trump is going berserk today. The tidal wave of bad news for him – his tax returns, his banking records, the Mueller report subpoena effort – surfaced a couple days ago. So why is he reaching peak flameout today? Does he know something we don’t, when it comes to what’s about to surface in the next day or two? Or has this past week’s news simply broken him? In any case, he’s having a really bad day and he knows it.

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