Donald Trump is going to absolutely hate this

In the real world, the effectiveness of a political convention is measured solely on how it impacts a candidate’s poll numbers and approval rating, and whether those changes end up being a temporary bump or a permanent trend. In Donald Trump’s narcissistic infantile reality show mind, the effectiveness of his Republican National Convention is based solely on how many people end up watching it, regardless of why they’re tuning in.

For instance, even if most of the people tuning in to the RNC were merely doing so because they wanted to make fun of the idiocy, or because they couldn’t look away from the train wreck, Donald Trump would still convince himself that the viewers all loved him, and he’d count it as a win. But even by his deranged criteria, Trump still lost last night.

Overnight ratings from all major networks reveal that that first night of the Democratic National Convention received 25% higher TV ratings than the first night of the Republican National Convention. When you consider that the DNC was full of popular speakers, and the RNC program mostly consists of screaming and crying Trump family members, this isn’t a surprise. But it’ll likely come as a shock to Donald Trump, who will insist that the ratings are now somehow a conspiracy against him.

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