There’s a mole in Donald Trump’s White House

We’ve seen a wide swath of former Republican officials come out against Donald Trump. We’ve even seen a number of former Trump officials come out against Trump. But now we appear to be looking at something new: a current Trump official coming out against Trump – and not anonymously.

It turns out two current “senior administration officials” in the Trump regime are now actively working with a group of former Trump officials in an effort to take Donald Trump down. According to Politico, one of the two officials is planning to come out publicly between now and election day, and then of course get fired for it.

Two years ago, someone within the Trump regime anonymously published a letter slamming Donald Trump. It set off a number of alarms, but it didn’t end up having much political impact, likely because it didn’t have anyone’s name attached to it. But the prospect of a current Trump senior official coming out against Donald Trump by name, just before the election, could end up having a real impact. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump now faces the prospect of trying to figure out who these two moles are inside his administration, with no real clues to go on. Trump has spent a significant amount of time and energy obsessing over leaks and disloyalists within his regime, but he keeps coming up empty in trying to find them. This is going to drive him even more bonkers.

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