Has Vladimir Putin given up on Mitch McConnell?

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Mitch McConnell is currently a shadow of the evil supervillain he once was. Although still an evil and reprehensible senator determined to keep any progress from happening on his watch, he no longer has the power he once had as senate majority leader, and he’s clearly terrified. The only thing he can really do, however, is just repeatedly gripe about how Democrats can’t change the rules – something he did himself many times – and make empty threats. It would seem that his latest pathetic displays are just the result of losing his majority – but now it looks like there’s something deeper behind his reasons to want to retire – and it makes him look even more inept than he has already proven to be.

It seems like a long time ago now, but McConnell was once promised a new aluminum mill in his home state of Kentucky, in return for lifting Russian sanctions. Now, the mill that was supposed to have been completed last year is facing another setback, as the Russian-owned Rusal International has announced that it’s suspending investments in the $1.3 billion project for Unity Aluminum, and it’s happening just after Unity’s CEO has been ousted and questions have ramped up about when the U.S. lifted sanctions on Rusal.

Yet again, McConnell has let down the people of his state with another failed promise of high-paying jobs, only this time what stands out is that he betrayed his country in order to do it. It’s your latest reminder that McConnell isn’t even a very good negotiator – he played all of his cards to keep the Senate and got nothing in return.

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