Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg’s family member flips on him

Based on what’s widely been reported about the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal case against Donald Trump, there’s more than enough evidence to send Trump to prison for various financial crimes. But it’s even easier to get a conviction with the help of an inside witness, and to that end, the DA’s office is reportedly trying to flip Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg.

It’s unclear if that’ll happen. Weisselberg already famously flipped on Michael Cohen in the SDNY case a couple years back; we never got to find out if Weisselberg would also have flipped on the Trump family because Bill Barr tanked the SDNY case before it could get that far.

Weisselberg is surely trying to figure out whether he’s likely to be acquitted at trial if he stands his ground and ends up criminally charged. To that end, NBC News is now reporting that Weisselberg’s son’s ex-wife is cooperating with prosecutors.

Allen Weisselberg is 73 years old. If he’s convicted and sentenced to prison for any amount of time, he’ll likely never get out. If this family witness lead sWeisselberg to conclude that he’s screwed, it could increase the odds that he ends up flipping on Donald Trump to try to save his own hide.

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