Donald Trump is stuck in Groundhog Day

Words and phrases can see their meaning forever altered in an instant. For instance, “covfefe” wasn’t a thing until Donald Trump got flustered and inadvertently made up the word. For that matter, the annual tradition known as Groundhog Day didn’t have any connotations of things repeating or being stuck in a loop, until the Bill Murray movie of the same name came along. Perhaps it’s fitting that Trump now finds himself stuck in a Groundhog Day of his own making.

We all remember back when Donald Trump and the Republicans tried to repeal Obamacare awhile back and replace it with a secret alternative. The late John McCain ended up thwarting the whole thing and saving the day. But the mere attempt at taking health care away from tens of millions of people was enough to help put Trump and the GOP in such a hole, they got walloped in the midterm elections.

In addition, in a last ditch effort at staving off a midterm wipeout, Trump promised to introduce mystery legislation to reduce middle class taxes immediately after the midterm election. In the end it turned out there was no Obamacare alternative, and there was no tax legislation. It was all one big long ongoing bluff from a constant liar and his corrupt party, and it cost them. Anyone not stuck in a time warp would understand the importance of staying as far away from these mistakes as possible heading into 2020. Then there’s Donald Trump.

In a semi-coherent Twitter rant last night, Donald Trump vowed to kill Obamacare now, thus immediately costing tens of millions of Americans their healthcare (or “healtcare” as he spelled it). He then promised that after the 2020 election, he and his Republican Party will introduce a secret Obamacare alternative. Even now that Trump has been handed a (phony, temporary) reprieve by William Barr, he’s so stuck in a Groundhog Day loop, he’s already committing himself to repeating the same mistakes that have already cost him so dearly.

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