Donald Trump has complete meltdown after Democrats defeat him on Puerto Rico

Even as Donald Trump threatens to cut off all aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras – or as Fox News calls them, the Mexican countries – it’s less clear than ever if Trump understands that Puerto Rico is part of the United States. After the Senate Democrats derailed Trump’s latest effort at screwing over Puerto Rico, Trump did what he does best: he threw an ignorant and dishonest tantrum.

What actually happened on Monday was that Donald Trump and the Republicans tried to pass legislation which broadly provided funds for disaster relief across the United States, while coming up extraordinarily short on providing disaster relief for Puerto Rico. This isn’t surprising, considering that Trump’s racist agenda has no time for the primarily nonwhite U.S. territory, as he made clear when he refused to provide anything close to adequate relief after Hurricane Maria.

This means Trump and the GOP are going to have to revise this legislation to include more aid for Puerto Rico. But don’t tell that bit of truth to Trump, who posted this word vomit about Puerto Rico on Twitter late on Monday night: “the place is a mess – nothing works.” That’s right, not only is Donald Trump trying to cover for his political and mental incompetence by ranting on Twitter, he’s also trying to cover for it by attacking nonwhite people.

It’s also notable that, even as Donald Trump continues to claim he’s somehow been fully exonerated by William Barr’s laughable four page “summary” of the still-secret Mueller report, Trump is still acting like a frazzled and desperate guy who thinks he’s going to lose. It raises the question of just how devastating the Mueller report is for Trump, and just how soon he fears it’s going to surface.

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