GOP makes bizarre panic move after Matt Whitaker flips on Donald Trump

Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker flipped on Donald Trump yesterday when he told the House Judiciary Committee behind closed doors about three instances in which Trump tried to pressure him to commit felony obstruction of justice. We know this because Chairman Jerry Nadler, a straight shooter, told us all as much. Now the House Republicans are in a weird panic over it.

Two unnamed House Republican staffers, who were also in the room with Nadler while Matt Whitaker was testifying, are now claiming to Politico that this never happened, and that Whitaker exonerated Trump instead. Of course there is no reason to believe this, considering that the leading Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are corrupt lying Trump-loyal loons like Jim Jordan and Louie Gohmert.

So now we’ve reached a point where House Republicans are simply lying about what Whitaker said, even though there’s a transcript, and this gives Nadler a legitimate reason to release the transcript to the public. House Republicans know this, and they know that their lie will only buy them a matter of days before it’s revealed that they’re lying, but this appears to be the closest thing they have left to a defense strategy.

Last week Matt Whitaker resigned the cushy new job that Donald Trump had just given him at the DOJ, in an obvious attempt at keeping Whitaker from flipping on him. This alone was a fairly clear signal that Whitaker was no longer playing for Team Trump, and was more worried about his own criminal liability. This is even more reason to believe what Chairman Nadler told us: Whitaker has sold Trump out.

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