Good riddance Tucker Carlson

Alas, I wish this could be an article telling you Tucker Carlson has lost his show. This has not happened. But we DO need to say a temporary good-bye to the creep man-doll, at least for now. You see, Terrible Tucker is going on a vacation.

He will be reporting from his temporary new digs too. So if one chooses to tune in, we can see Tuckems in all his evil glory as he once again jets off to a place he seems to have a deep love for. Tucker Carlson is going to Hungary.

That’s right. I guess the loneliness of being without his doppelganger, Viktor Orban, proved too much for the nefarious Tucker. Perhaps upon arrival, Tuckems will be welcomed by Orban himself! Perhaps they will go out for a spot for lunch. Who knows? And his drooling fans will be cheering him on all the way.

Also, per Newsweek, Tuckems has come out and declared himself for Russia in the Ukraine crisis. What a guy! It appears Carlson agrees with Russia’s stance that (to quote Newsweek) “NATO was behind the current Ukraine crisis.”

Russia. Hungary. I wonder what Tucker think about OUR country — you know — the United States — the country he is SUPPOSED to love. Well- he does have a great deal to say about our homeless crisis. Tucker has come up with a solution to stop homelessness!

That’s right! Tucker has invented something new! His solution? Exile the homeless. Throw em outa here! “You are a drug addict,” Tucker thinks homeless folks should be told. “Get a job or leave.” From Tucker, everybody!

And now we go to a commercial break where all the sane people in our country can fervently hope that when Tucker arrives in Hungary, perhaps he should think about never purchasing a return ticket back here again.

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