Good news for President Biden, bad news for Republican scaremongering

While the Republicans are in a regular state of war – and largely with each other – it’s not only hard for them to focus on getting things done, but to even keep up the appearance that they are trying to get things done. In fact, it’s hard to point to anyone in their ranks who isn’t screaming about some conspiracy or accusing the Democrats of something outlandish. Consequently, the real issues are taking something of a backseat in all of this – as party leaders along with right-wing media desperately try to find something that will resonate with their voters.

This would probably be less of a problem for them if they had a sizable portion of the country that agreed with them on any given issue. As it happens, President Biden is fairly popular with the American people, as most presidents tend to be within their first 100 days, but his overall agenda is even more popular and the numbers for what he plans to accomplish only continue to climb.

According to a new Monmouth University poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans support raising the corporate tax rate and taxes on people who make more than $400,000 a year – moves that would effectively kill the Trump tax cut if Congress were to pass such legislation. With this question asked directly, it’s also going to be a bit harder for Republican scaremongering about taxes to rile up their voters. The poll was released just before President Biden is expected to expand access to healthcare and childcare, along with proposing paid leave and tuition support – ideas that also enjoy 64% support.

In fact, the bottom 34-35% opposition in each of these polls represents the GOP, standing for nothing and always in the way. If you remember, this was roughly the size of Trump’s die-hard base that would stay with him no matter what – and now they’re continuing to hold the country back. The good news is that an overwhelming number of voters are at least listening while Biden is pushing for bold new policies.

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