Donald Trump caught GOLFING during U.S. military raid against Baghdadi and ISIS

Late last night, Donald Trump tweeted that “something very big” had just happened. This morning Trump announced that the U.S. military had just taken out ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which is weird considering the sheer number of news outlets that reported Baghdadi’s death in 2017. Even as we try to sort out the legitimacy of Trump’s claims, this has already become a major scandal for him.

It’s been widely reported that the U.S. military raid took place at 3:30pm eastern time on Saturday. When the Trump White House released a situation room photo of Donald Trump and his military leaders, former Obama White House photographer Pete Souza noticed that the timestamp on it said 5:05pm. Sure, the raid could have still been going on by that time, but why wouldn’t the photo have been taken earlier? This led to questions about what Trump was doing at 3:30pm when the raid first began.

The official White House timeline says that Donald Trump didn’t return home from his Saturday golf outing until 4:18pm. That means Donald Trump was still golfing when the raid began. In fairness, he did return to the White House after the operation got underway. But he knew this operation was going to take place because he authorized it, and yet he went golfing anyway.


Again, there are numerous unanswered questions about how we managed to kill a guy who was already widely reported to have died in 2017. Considering Donald Trump’s consistent dishonesty, and his desperation for a perfectly-timed “win” that just happens to perfectly mirror President Obama’s raid against Bin Laden, we’re not taking anything Trump says as fact. For now, the one thing we do know is that Trump was golfing when the raid began. That alone is impeachable.

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