Donald Trump is going down and he’s trying to take everyone with him

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You knew it would go like this. Donald Trump has reached a point where – if only in his comparatively lucid moments – he understands that he has no good way out of this. Too many of his own people are now working to take him down. He’s playing defense on too many fronts. The American people are too adamant that he be taken down. Trump will fall, and he knows it. Now he’s doing what madmen tend to do in this situation: he’s trying to take everyone down with him.

Donald Trump posted this surreal tweet this morning: “The Democrats have nothing. Just want to distract from this President. The FBI was not doing its job, the State Department was covering things up everyday for Hillary. At the end of the day they’re fearful of what they did, and should be fearful. This is a tough President who is willing to have the battle, and we have a great Attorney General who is willing to lead the battle, and they are going to get to the bottom of it.” Wow, okay, let’s try to dissect this.

Trump’s presidency and life are essentially over. He’ll spend the rest of his time in office being investigated, impeached, and exposed as a criminal fraud. The minute he’s no longer in office, he’ll be arrested, put on trial for numerous crimes, and sent to prison for the rest of his life. Most people in that situation would be trying to find some way to avoid such a fate. Instead, Trump is vowing to use his limited remaining time and power to seek petty revenge on those who exposed his crimes.

Here’s the thing about this kind of approach. Donald Trump will succeed in creating additional carnage. He’s already ruined the lives of a lot of good people in the FBI, the DOJ, and for that matter the United States overall. With this “burn it all down” approach, he’s going to do even more damage. But in the process, he’s likely to accelerate his own downfall.

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