We’ve drifted into a parallel universe and it’s time for us to come back

More and more, it appears that we live in parallel universes. “President” Donald Trump and the GOP want the Obamas and Clintons and Bidens investigated and thrown in jail for unsupported allegations of wrongdoing. More than two years after Trump defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton in the electoral college, chants of “lock her up” still echo at every Cult 45 rally.

At the same time, Trump supporters and the feckless, compromised and corrupt GOP leadership are dismissing real crimes being committed by the most corrupt administration this nation has seen. Rudy Giuliani, the newest fixer for Trump following Cohn and Cohen, announces he is going to Ukraine, saying that trying to spin negative information on one of your client’s main likes opponents is normal and nothing wrong with it. Giuliani noted: “We’re not meddling in an election; we’re meddling in an investigation, which we have a right to do … There’s nothing illegal about it.”

The Republican Party yawns. The Mueller Report uses the phrase “substantial evidence” a dozen times to describe obstruction issues, yet Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell dismiss the report and declare the investigation is done. At the same time, Lindsey “Kompromat” Graham presses for investigations into Hillary’s email server, while Corruptus Maximus is apparently still using his personal phone to have extended calls with our nemeses, none of it recorded.

Not a single GOP leader has expressed concern about the likelihood that our 2020 elections will be attacked again by Russia and others with the intent of sabotaging a fair election. The warning signs are there, but unless and until we move from this parallel universe, we face a real erosion of our democratic principles. Perhaps the GOP acronym stands for Gangsters Of Party, hijacking a democracy to get judges to their liking and tax breaks. And Atlas Shrugged.

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