The real reason Robert Mueller met with Rudy Giuliani

When the week began, we were all still laughing at the revelation that Donald Trump’s new criminal defense attorney in the Trump-Russia scandal was Rudy Giuliani. You don’t hire your criminal co-conspirator to lead your defense, you don’t hire a guy who hasn’t formally practiced law in decades, and you don’t hire Rudy Giuliani in general. The guy became a useless caricature of himself a long time ago. Yet here at week’s end, it turns out Team Mueller actually sat down with Giuliani and talked about things. There’s a reason for this.

The short answer is that they had to. If Donald Trump announces that Rudy Giuliani is his new attorney, then that’s who Robert Mueller and his team have to deal with. If Trump announces that Carrot Top is his new attorney, it’s the same story. But there’s more to it than that, because Trump and Giuliani just handed Mueller a great opportunity to get the inside track.

We still don’t know why Giuliani is doing this. Is Rudy nuts enough to believe he can somehow magically make both sides happy? Is Rudy desperately trying to get Trump to resign before the investigation can take Rudy down too? Is Rudy trying to put himself first in line for a plea deal? We don’t know. Rudy may not even know. But here’s the kicker: Giuliani is a co-conspirator in the plot to steal the election for Donald Trump. He was knee deep in the FBI faction that tried to force James Comey’s hand just days before election day.

Now Rudy Giuliani, a key co-conspirator in the election rigging conspiracy, who has tried to lay as low as possible, is suddenly in there talking to prosecutors. Giuliani may have been using that meeting to try to act as Donald Trump’s lawyer. But Robert Mueller and team were using that meeting to size up Rudy and figure out what he knows and what role he played. Of course they sat down with Rudy. It was a gift.