Here comes the Ghislaine Maxwell bombshell

In the latest reminder that the court system tends to move at a glacial pace even when the outcome is not in doubt, the battle over Ghislaine Maxwell’s sealed testimony transcripts is still going on, months after it became clear that it would eventually end up being released. The good news is that we’re finally at the finish line – and in fact it’s set to come on Thursday morning.

Even as we wait for Ghislaine Maxwell’s criminal trial to take place months from now, there has been a separate but related court battle over testimony that Maxwell gave about Jeffrey Epstein in a civil suit a few years ago. Maxwell has sought to block these transcripts from being released, which strongly suggests that they incriminate her, Epstein, and/or others involved.


Now that the appeals have gone by the wayside, the courts have ruled that the transcript will be released at 9am eastern time on Thursday. One key thing to watch for: it’s already been established that Epstein first recruited Maxwell while at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. How much more about Trump’s involvement is in these transcripts? We’re about to find out.

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