Donald Trump’s Jeffrey Epstein scandal is just getting started

Yesterday, Donald Trump did what he always does when his henchmen turn into a liability for him: he sent his loyally corrupt Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta packing. From an evil villain perspective, the move makes logical sense. Trump and Acosta both appear to be knee-deep in the horrifying Jeffrey Epstein scandal, but Acosta’s fingerprints on it are more readily tangible. So by sacrificing Acosta, Trump ensures that the Epstein scandal has ceased being a Trump scandal – or so he thinks.

Now comes the tricky part. The Epstein scandal, due to the hideous nature of the crimes, the growing public outrage, and the number of alleged victims who are continuing to come forward, is not going away any time soon. The media will continue to cover it, and the public will continue to follow it. Donald Trump can’t stop that from happening. What he’s trying to do is to keep it from landing on his doorstep.

To that end, William Barr has decided to un-recuse himself from the Epstein case, after having initially and briefly recused himself. Barr can’t and won’t try to save Epstein, but he’ll probably keep tabs on the case and give Donald Trump a heads-up if and when the probe starts getting closer to uncovering Trump’s role in the mess. We don’t know what Trump’s role is. We just know that, based on everything that’s already publicly surfaced, Trump has a role in the scandal and doesn’t want anyone to know what it is.

But the truth will come out one way or the other. It’s already been widely reported that Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein used to party together with large numbers of women. Now that Epstein’s victims are coming forward in general, if there was misconduct at the Trump-Epstein parties, we’ll hear about that as well. And if the “women” at the Trump-Epstein parties were actually underage girls, that’ll come out too.

In the meantime, the public should push the media to continue covering this as an Epstein-Trump scandal – not for political reasons, but because it’s clear that Donald Trump is involved in this horror show in one way or another, and justice for the victims requires that the entire truth come out. Every last person who participated in Epstein’s crimes, or covered up Epstein’s crimes, must be exposed for it.

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