Donald Trump chases Hitler

Even though Donald Trump’s actions continually contradict every aspect of his words, there remain a large number of Americans who continue to support him, regardless of anything he does. While the vast majority of the world views him as a degenerate conman, Trump continues to maintain a strong following in the United States. Sure, there are similarities between Trump’s sudden takeover of the Republican Party and Hitler’s rise to power, but the comparison, despite numerous prominent journalists making such claims, is not yet complete.

What are the similarities and differences between Trump and Hitler? For one, Hitler oversaw the mass killings of millions in death camps. So far, Trump has only been responsible for the deaths of a relatively small number of deaths in his concentration camps. Based on international law, claiming asylum should be a process where those attempting to avoid disastrous circumstances are able to reach America and ask for asylum, without being imprisoned simply for asking.

Trump and Hitler will forever be remembered as “leaders” who did their best to separate parents from children, in an attempt to cause the most psychological and physical damage possible. But at this point Trump hasn’t, as far as we can tell, intentionally caused the deaths of children, unless you argue that his negligence is intentional.

The fact that parents are so willing to bring their children across hundreds of miles of difficult terrain, means that they are attempting to escape even worse circumstances in their home country. One could ask any parent: Why are you subjecting your child to such a long and dangerous trip? The answer will always be: Because I thought the results would make my child safer.

While there will always be those in America who will find a reason to object to helping those who need it most, we must remember that Nazi Germany had the same number of ignorant and hateful individuals who were not willing to help those who most required assistance. As we move toward the 2020 election, I hope we can all remember how important it is to accept everyone.

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