George Papadopoulos fiancee confirms there’s a whole lot more Trump-Russia dirt

Former Donald Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, by virtue of his plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the Trump-Russia scandal, still isn’t speaking with the media. But that hasn’t stopped his fiancee Simona Mangiante from speaking out on more than one occasion. She’s pushed back against the Trump regime’s assertion that Papadopoulos was a mere “coffee boy” who couldn’t have known about the campaign’s inner workings. Now she’s revealing that there’s a whole lot more Trump-Russia dirt.

Mangiante is now telling the Washington Post that Papadopoulos is in line to become the John Dean of the Trump-Russia scandal. Dean was the White House Counsel for Richard Nixon, and a co-conspirator in the Watergate scandal and coverup, before turning state’s evidence and blowing the entire scandal wide open. To this day, Dean is regarded as something of a hero in the Watergate scandal, and is often called upon by the media for his insight into Trump’s various criminal scandals. So why does Mangiante expect Papadopoulos to be seen as a hero in all of this?

She’s telling the Washington Post (link) that “there is much more that has not yet been told publicly about Papadopoulos’ 10 months as an informal national security adviser to Trump and his interactions with a London-based professor who told Papadopoulos, according to court filings, that the Russians had ‘dirt’ on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.” This is crucial because, despite all the headlines that Papadopoulos has received for cutting a plea deal, very little is yet known about precisely what he’s given to Mueller. However, a few clues have emerged.

George Papadopoulos has named Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, and Sam Clovis among those whom he told about his plan to conspire with the Kremlin-controlled professor in question. Shortly after the Papadopoulos plea deal was announced, Clovis suddenly became a cooperating witness for one of Mueller’s grand juries against a still-unnamed bigger fish. To hear Mangiante tell it, Papadopoulos has given Mueller enough to take down the entire Donald Trump regime.

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