We’ve all spent the past week watching the accelerating decline of Donald Trump’s cognitive abilities. He can’t read a speech off a teleprompter without seemingly mispronouncing every third word. He’s so far from coherency, he unwittingly announced that he spends his entire salary on drugs. He no longer has any understanding of what he’s saying. If your older relative were acting like this, you’d be trying to get him into an assisted living facility.

Trump has been in decline for awhile, but now that it’s accelerating at light speed, the question is just how depleted his cognitive abilities are going to get before the election – and whether his handlers will be able to hide the worst of it. This brings us to a bizarre new report about how Trump supposedly no longer recognizes the alphabet.

According to Vanity Fair, Republican pollster Frank Luntz is now claiming that Donald J. Trump recently told him that the “J” stands for “Genius.” Luntz would gain nothing by making up a story like this, so let’s presume for the moment that it’s true. If someone else were claiming that their middle initial “J” stood for “Genius,” we’d think the person was just trying to be funny. But we all know that Trump doesn’t have a sense of humor, doesn’t make jokes, and certainly wouldn’t make the self deprecating move of pretending he doesn’t know how to spell “genius.”

So this leaves us with a rather odd question: is Donald Trump so far gone that he now truly thinks it’s spelled jenius? We’ve all seen on Twitter that the guy can’t spell worth a darn. But jenius? Really? Is he that far gone? Does he even still know that the “J” stands for John? This kind of thing is worth watching, considering the rate of Trump’s overall cognitive decline. Something is very wrong here.

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