Here we go again

Donald Trump just got impeached for having tried to illegally extort Ukraine into helping him rig the 2020 election against Joe Biden, in a plot that everyone suspects leads back to Vladimir Putin. Now that the whole thing has blown up in Trump’s face, it turns out the Kremlin is trying a new tack for helping Trump cheat against Biden.

The United States intelligence committee is now investigating a Kremlin scheme to spread lies about Joe Biden in relation to the 2020 election, according to a startling yet unsurprising new report from Bloomberg. This is strikingly similar to how the Kremlin spread lies about Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election to try to help Donald Trump.

The key difference this time around is that the media is reporting about how the Kremlin is making up fake Joe Biden scandals, whereas in 2016 the media largely pretended that the Kremlin’s fake Hillary Clinton scandals were real. So that alone represents progress, and it means that the Kremlin’s scheming is less likely to work this time.

What’s remarkable is that the Democrats don’t even have a nominee yet. Joe Biden is currently at least nine points ahead of every other Democratic candidate in the latest average of national polling, but not a single primary vote has been cast yet. Donald Trump and the Kremlin are going this far out of their way, this early, to try to take down the Democratic frontrunner. It shows that Trump and Putin know darn well that Trump is far too toxically unpopular to compete in the 2020 election of his own accord.

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