Geez, it’s even more horrifying than we thought

We’ve reached that point in Donald Trump’s foreign extortion scandal where his own people are starting to resign and testify against him, Senators from his own party are publicly condemning him, and he’s even somehow lost Tucker Carlson. We’ve also reached the point where Trump’s top advisers are sounding the alarm from within – and it’s even more horrifying than we thought.

How do we know it’s genuinely horrifying? Well, for one thing, Donald Trump’s own senior staffers are now telling the Washington Post tonight that they are – in their words – “genuinely horrified.” They’re describing Trump’s phone calls with foreign leaders as having been incompetent, embarrassing, self defeating, and overwhelmingly corrupt.

Trump’s people are also saying that they were initially confused as to why Donald Trump was so eager to kiss up to Vladimir Putin – before ultimately putting two and two together. They’re also revealing that Trump repeatedly pushed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to nominate him for a Nobel Prize, a notion that’s equal parts laughably delusional and painfully corrupt. And naturally, Trump tended to do poorly in his phone calls with female world leaders.

The bottom line is that this Washington Post piece reveals that Donald Trump’s criminal reign of terror truly has been even more horrifying than we thought. It’s also notable that Trump’s own senior advisers are now making a point of leaking this stuff to the media, seemingly in a last ditch attempt at clearing their own consciences.

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