Mike Pompeo has complete meltdown as the pressure gets to him

Thus far this week we’ve seen the Trump White House throw Secretary of State Mike Pompeo under the bus by leaking that he was on Donald Trump’s fateful phone call with the President of Ukraine. We’ve seen Rudy Giuliani throw Pompeo under the bus by revealing that he personally gave fake pro-Trump documents to Pompeo. So it’s not surprising that Pompeo isn’t exactly handling things well right now.

What is perhaps surprising is just how thoroughly Mike Pompeo appears to be losing it. According to a remarkable new expose in Time Magazine, it turns out Pompeo is unraveling in almost cartoonsish fashion. His own State Department employees are saying that he’s become “loud” and “bullying” and that he’s largely not even bothering to do the job as he becomes consumed by the House impeachment investigation.

We’re not so sure that Mike Pompeo was ever doing the job to begin with, considering that 1) he’s not within a million miles of being Secretary of State material to begin with, and 2) Trump only installed him at the State Department to act as a point person for his international corruption schemes.

But really, it sounds like this guy has gone completely off the deep end. Mike Pompeo is apparently rampaging around the State Department, being inappropriately loud, and acting like a jerk to everyone there. Considering how thoroughly Pompeo is being scapegoated by Donald Trump and his inner circle, you have to wonder how much longer before Pompeo completely cracks and has one of these angry screaming episodes in public.

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