Donald Trump is even further gone than we thought

“President” Donald Trump’s huge lies are numerous and alarming. But his tiny lies are disturbing because of what they reveal about the commander-in-chief’s mind and lack of fitness for office. Sure, politicians are known for lying. But Trump’s frivolous acts of deception are what remind us that we have a thin-skinned compulsive liar in the Oval Office. When Trump feels attacked or embarrassed, he will stop at nothing to rewrite history, no matter how petty the issue. Trump shoots from the hip, which means he will typically stumble through multiple versions of a lie before he loses interest and returns to devising new ways to destroy the country.

The latest example of this nonsense is Trump’s recent bungling of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s name. Trump called him “Tim Apple” while sitting beside Mr. Cook at an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting on Wednesday. This is not the first time Trump has botched prominent individuals’ names nor is Trump the first president to make this type of mistake.

But after Trump learned that people were chuckling, he could not let it go. Speaking to Republican donors at Mar-a-Lago on Friday, Trump brought up the gaffe, claiming he actually said “Cook” but that he did it quietly between “Tim” and “Apple,” according to a report from Axios. Anyone who watches the video of the meeting knows that this is impossible. Trump spoke those two words so closely together that it sounded like “Timapple.”

Over the weekend, Trump must have realized that last week’s lie is laughable. So, this morning, he rolled off his Sit ‘n Spin to take a second stab at rewriting history. This week’s lie comes in the form of a desperate tweet. Trump now claims that he “quickly referred to Tim + Apple as Tim/Apple” but insists that he was simply trying to “save time & words.” For good measure, Trump ended the tweet with a swipe at “The Fake News,” blaming them for how “it became yet another bad Trump story!” Apparently, this is what “stable genius” looks like.

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