Fulton County DA Fani Willis sends a message to Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has been, as usual, having off-the-wall, bizarre breakdowns on truth social. Lately, these meltdowns have become more and more bizarre. Half of the time, Trump makes no sense at all. And people are noticing. One person who definitely noticed is Fulton County Georgia DA Fani Willis.

She probably noticed because Trump has been unable to stop calling many of his prosecutors names and promising vengeance. It’s sort of a tale of a wayward child. The Trump child. He cant keep his gargantuan mouth shut.

And Fulton County DA Willis had had enough because she fired off a warning to the shrieking child. And the warning is this: don’t mess with my family. Willis spoke to WSB TV, and she said Trump could insult her all he wanted as his comments are covered by the First Amendment.

But then she added a warning as long as it (Trump’s rants) doesn’t rise to the level of threats against “myself, my staff or my family.” Meow! If I were Trump (and thank goodness I’m not) I would certainly heed that warning.

DA Willis is tough as a lioness. And if the little baby Trump ever DARES to make ANY kind of grotesque threat, I have no doubt this lioness would have him for breakfast –a Georgia breakfast since he’d probably find him in the Georgia clink.

These prosecutors — all of them — are nobody to mess with. They’re smart; they’re tough as nails, and they’re busy doing their life’s work which is to put criminals and bad guys like Trump behind bars.

Unlike Trump, they have a calling in life, and they’re vastly experienced with meeting and dealing with sleazy people like individual one. They know how to dole out punishment, too, for when the bad guys let their true selves out. And these prosecutors are ice-cold when it comes to showing kid gloves because “kid gloves” are not something they own.

So, Donnie, I have some advice for you — sit down and shut up! Because if you think DA Willis isn’t watching you, you’re wrong. If you think DA Bragg isn’t watching you, you are wrong. If you think Jack Smith isn’t watching you, you are wrong. And if you don’t keep your mouth shut and free of threats, you will find out the hard way how very wrong you are.

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