Sucks to be Jim Jordan right now

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Everyone knows it sucks to be Jim Jordan-except Jim Jordan. He is so hellbent on defending Trump that he decided to try (emphasis on “try”) to insinuate himself into the New York criminal investigation where Trump was recently indicted. Jordan has been trying nonstop to haul members of Alvin Bragg’s office to Congress for testimony before his silly weaponization committee. One would assume Jordan was targeting federal agencies, but it soon became clear that he would target anything that might be a danger to Donald Trump. He may have met his match in Alvin Bragg.

Reuters reported that Bragg has sued Jordan. He calls what Jordan is doing an “unconstitutional attack” on an ongoing criminal matter. Jordan subpoenaed Mark Pomerantz, who really isn’t going to help him. It is reported that Pomerantz resigned because Bragg wouldn’t pursue charges again Trump. Bragg’s suit called Jordan’s actions an “incursion” into a state criminal investigation. Two things in that statement are very important: “incursion” and “criminal.” Jordan has no dog in the fight in New York and is simply trying to insert himself into a place he doesn’t belong. He has no authority over state investigations and has no business trying to tamper with a criminal investigation. Bragg could not have put it better: “Rather than allowing the criminal process to proceed in the ordinary course, Chairman Jordan and the committee are participating in a campaign of intimidation, retaliation and obstruction.” Simply put, Jordan is an idiot.

Prior to subpoenaing Pomerantz, the Hill reported that Jordan asked an employee of Bragg’s office to turn over emails regarding his hiring process. Did he honestly think they would comply? Bragg has repeatedly tried to be civil with Jordan by pointing out that this is a criminal matter that continues to be under investigation, and as such, no one is privy to any information involving the case, especially Jim Jordan. Here’s an idea: why doesn’t Jordan try doing what his constituents sent him to Washington to do? It is doubtful they sent him to run interference for Donald Trump. Better yet, why doesn’t Jordan investigate himself for his silence on the Ohio State University sexual abuse scandal? That scandal has been around for some time now and could use investigating; he can insert himself into that investigation anytime he likes, since he was part of it. Of course, he’s too busy trying to be Donald Trump’s savior.

As Bragg’s lawsuit points out, these charges were presented to a New York grand jury, who made the final call on filing charges. Is Jordan planning to haul the jurors in front of Congress? Please. Jordan isn’t looking for the truth of anything; he is merely harassing Alvin Bragg, and that should not be allowed. Jordan is both a sham and a shame. If Donald Trump is innocent, he will be so found by a jury of his peers. He doesn’t need little Jimmy Jordan running interference for him when Jordan should be handling the business for which his constituents sent him to Washington.

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