Fox News just lost

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One of the concerns among many was — would people watch? How many would watch? Would ANYONE watch? Well – the answer is yes. Millions watched. The approximate number is 20 million pairs of eyes focused on the first hearing. Way to go!

According to Nielsen ratings , 15.2 million people who watched were aged 55 or older. But the best news is yet to come. And it concerns Fox non-news — otherwise known as Trump TV. The hearings were so successful that MSNBC BEAT Fox in total viewers. Fox are likely NOT happy campers right now.

MSNBC beat all the competition with a total of 3.95 million viewers. Fox wound up with 2.92 million. Fox lost. And even CNN beat Fox in the 25-54 year old demographic. Fox actually wound up in third place with that demographic — behind both CNN AND MSNBC.

Perhaps, the problems with Fox were due to poor decision-making. Not only did they not air the January 6 hearing — an incompetent move if you ask me — but SOMEONE there got the bright idea of running commercial free.

That’s right. In some of their prime-time shows, while the January 6 hearings played out across millions of TV screens, Fox chose to run an eternal loop of Trump-fueled propaganda — without commercials.

No doubt, Fox was afraid to air commercials because some of their viewers would have changed the channel — and there was nothing else ON to watch on other channels — except the January 6 hearing.

Time had stood still. Nothing was there to be seen on other stations except — Trump’s rage. And what he did. So Fox, perhaps terrified some of their viewers might indeed find out the truth, went commercial-free — all night.

And it didn’t pay off for them — from a viewership standpoint anyway. But in true (Russia-lite) fashion, this appeared to be something that Fox just had to do. Let’s be thankful people watched. Congratulations to MSNBC for winning the night. And now we’re off to act two.

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