Fox News is in complete disarray

Round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows! I am referring to the wheel — the Merry-Go-Round of Fox lies. There is an inconvenient truth going on. At least it is inconvenient for Republican voters. And the truth is that Fox non-news hates its viewers.

We didn’t think it could get any worse for the propaganda network. Only it has. Fox is squarely in the limelight and not in a good way at all. “We devote our lives to building an audience, and they let Chris Wallace and Leland fu##ing Vitter wreck it.” This text is from a whiny little monster known as Tucker Carlson.

“I hate our decision desk people!” That is from the big cheese — Rupert Murdock himself. This pertains, of course, to this decision desk calling Arizona accurately for Joe Biden.

“It’s one of the sad realities: if we hadn’t called Arizona those three or four days following election day, our ratings would have been bigger.” This is from Suzanne Scott CEO of the hate network saying how she feels.

“This has to stop now! I love this one. It’s from Scott, and she is referencing fact-checking Donald Trump. “This is bad business” the robot CEO goes on. “The audience is furious, and we are just feeding them material. Bad for business.”

“I want to see massive fraud exposed.” In a text to Steve Bannon, nobody’s favorite maniac, Fox host Maria Bartiromo wrote these words. It seems Maria started believing her own bullshit.

What a carnival of fools! What a horrible ride they’ve taken their viewers on.

“C##t!” Obviously, I could not write this word out in its entirety. And this word is just what tucker Carlson called Sidney Powell. That’s right, Tucker who is SUPPOSED to be on the side of Maga.

“I think the three of us have enormous power,” wrote Laura Ingraham to Carlson and Hannity, all but licking her lips over said power. “We have,” Laura mused, “more power than we know or exercise.”

It’s fox smoke and mirrors, all right — welcome to the fox funhouse where the images one sees are distorted with grandiosity and hubris and are NEVER EVER what they appear to be.

“Our audience doesn’t want to hear about a peaceful transition!” This is from Abby Grossberg, producer for Maria Bartiromo. Grossberg has also recently filed a lawsuit against fox saying the network pushed her into giving dishonest testimony.

“I hate him passionately.” Said Tucker about Trump.

The Fox cult as they are. Welcome to hell, Fox. You are being exposed right and left. How do you feel? Sadly, this will not deter Maga, as you know. The funhouse will continue to be open for business, the merry ride will continue its loop, and anger and rage will stay in the souls of Maga.