Fox News clearly has no idea what to do about Tucker Carlson

What do you think of the words, “I am loyal first?” I like those words to an extent. One should be loyal to their family, their friends, their partners, and children. But sometimes, loyalty can go awry. Sometimes loyalty can become a bad thing. An excellent example of this is the GOP’S insane loyalty to a failed insurrectionist who does not give a damn about any of them.

But the words above were also recently spoken by Suzanne Scott. Scott is the current Media CEO of one Fox Non-News. Scott referenced this term in speaking to The Hollywood Reporter. She was speaking about conversations she has had with certain Fox pundits, such as Tucker Carlson.

Her exact words were: “I have a regular cadence of conversations with a wide variety of talent here, including our primetime talent … I will never discuss those conversations. That’s not who I am. I am loyal first.”

In this case, loyalty is a not-so-good thing, at least in my opinion. Fox has been lying to its viewers. It has promoted Ivermectin, a horse dewormer that humans have been taking to ward off Covid. There have been overdoses and deaths attributed to this drug. Certain pundits have been coming out against vaccines though they themselves are vaccinated.


Fox has turned into a channel of death. The least the CEO could have done was give people an explanation for all the lies. This is not to say we do not already know the explanation — profit, profit, profit. And more profit. The bottom line is Fox is a nasty and diseased network. I have no respect for this woman and hope very much that the ratings of the hate network continue to plunge downward.

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