Iowa Republicans are completely out of control

The Iowa GQP has been busy these past few weeks. First, the GQP legislature rejected the non-partisan redistricting maps that were drawn up. And they were talking about using the special session that was called to launch further attacks on those responding to the COVID-19 pandemic even though it was just called specifically for voting on the proposed maps.

This voting down of the maps breaks with decades of tradition and represents a power grab on the part of the GQP. I have no doubt these clowns are going to vote down future maps as well because after the third time the lawmakers get to amend the third set of maps themselves. It will not be about being fair, but more about stacking the deck further in favor of Republicans and pushing the boot down further on the necks of non-Republicans in this state.

And now Governor Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds decided to take a little trip. Down to the border with some other Branch Trumpvidian governors so they could all grandstand and appeal to their former guy base.

These things show just how out of control and power hungry the Iowa GQP is these days. They have no interest in doing right by the people of Iowa but instead tightening their own grip on power. They have no interest in sharing the state with non-Republicans. CovidKim and her GQP buddies are more interested in attacking anyone trying to take sensible precautions in the pandemic then trying to help overcome it.


I don’t know what to do any more. I hope that we can oust the GQP next year but I have my doubts that’s going to happen if Iowa democrats don’t get a fire under their asses soon. I’m at the point where I want to move now.

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