Brett Kavanaugh bets everything on Fox News stunt

It looks like Brett Kavanaugh has finally figured out just how much trouble his Supreme Court nomination is in, and that unless he tries something radical, he’s toast. Kavanaugh has decided to bet the last of his chips on an unprecedented stunt involving โ€“ naturally โ€“ Fox News, and we’re now just a couple hours away from seeing it play out in front of our eyes.

Fox News just announced via its Twitter account that it will air an interview this evening at 7pm eastern time with Brett Kavanaugh and his wife. The interview will be conducted by Fox News host Martha MacCallum. We can’t recall an instance of any Supreme Court nominee launching any kind of public relations effort of any kind, making this highly unorthodox, meaning it’s fair to refer to it as a stunt. So what’s about to happen here?

Kavanaugh has already put out a statement this afternoon asserting that his accusers are making a “coordinated” effort against him, and insisting that he will not withdraw from the nomination. This doesn’t mean anything, because doomed nominees always publicly insist they’re not going to drop out right up until they drop out. But on the heels of this statement, we can’t imagine that Kavanaugh is going to announce his withdrawal on Fox News tonight.

Instead, Brett Kavanaugh is taking one last desperate shot at trying to save his nomination. He’s hoping that the combination of a friendly Fox News interviewer, the presence of his wife, and the fact that he gets to appear in front of the cameras before any of his accusers can do so, will somehow swing public opinion in his favor. If he botches this interview tonight, or if it fails to turn things around for him, don’t be shocked if he withdraws afterward. To use the football term, this is his “Hail Mary” โ€“ and not only do those usually fail, they usually mean the end of the game.