Hey Donald Trump, we found your terrorists

Donald Trump has spent the past weeks trying to convince us that a caravan of Hispanic refugees is somehow on its way to attack the United States, even though the caravan is nowhere near us, and by all accounts no one in the caravan is remotely hostile to us. When that bit of racism didn’t get enough traction, he falsely claimed that “Middle Easterners” were also in the caravan. His clear implication is that terrorists are coming to get us, so we’d better keep his party in power.

Wouldn’t you know it, America got hit by three different terrorist attacks this week. There was the far-right antisemitic extremist who shot up a synagogue today because he wanted to kill as many Jews as possible, and make the rest of the Jews in America feel unsafe. There was the far-right racist who tried to shoot up a black church (and settled for shooting black people in a grocery store), because he wanted to kill as many black people as possible, and make the rest of the black people in America feel unsafe. Then there was the guy who tried to assassinate two former U.S. Presidents and several other U.S. officials while riding around in a van that had pro-Trump propaganda all over it.

None of these three men were using violence to settle a personal dispute, or targeting people they knew. Instead, each of them was using violence to wage ideological warfare against the United States, which means that all three of them fit the textbook definition of being terrorists. Law enforcement officials and first responders have done a strong and brave job of responding to these terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, but the U.S. government itself has failed to properly respond at all, because the President of the United States was too busy yelling “Hey look over there, some brown people” in the name of partisan gain.

The United States simply has no President. Instead we have a violent thug who is primarily interested in enabling other violent thugs, in order to give himself cover as he tries to fend off a series of criminal investigations that are closing in on him. Donald Trump wants us to believe that the biggest threat to America’s safety is some harmless caravan a thousand miles away. In reality, the biggest threat to America’s safety is Trump’s own mouth.