Former SDNY prosecutor: Donald Trump will “be an inmate”

Donald Trump still appears to be under the delusional belief that he can somehow make a political comeback. Of course that’s hard to do when your favorability rating is around thirty percent, you’re banned from social media, and your suffering cognitive decline. It’s even more difficult to do from prison.

Yes, Trump is going to prison. Just ask Richard Signorelli, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the SDNY, who tweeted this: “Remember, Trump knows something we don’t know yet: every crime he has committed. This is why he tried to overthrow our democracy. This is why he will be an inmate no later than 2024.”

It’s worth keeping this in mind even as the Republicans demote Liz Cheney today. That move isn’t somehow magically going to reinvigorate Donald Trump’s dead political career. Nor will it give the Republicans magical authoritarian powers. All the Republicans are doing is trying to make Trump feel better about his 2020 loss, in the hope he won’t lash out at them in his final days.

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