Liz Cheney’s big swing

Liz Cheney may have ulterior motives for fighting against Trumpism. After all, she helped fertilize the soil that made Trumpism possible, but I can’t help but celebrate anything that further embarrasses and shrinks the Republican party, or just calls them out on their hypocrisy. And call them out she did when Cheney gave her lonely speech on the House floor Tuesday night.

It couldn’t have been more fitting that she interrupted Republicans’ ridiculously hypocritical ‘cancel culture’ testimony to give her own ode to cancel culture, providing the GOP even more fodder to cancel her ‘leadership’ position. However small and irrelevant it is, it will still be the closest thing to any real cancellation suffered by a Republican all year, and alas it will actually be at the hands of the GOP itself, in homage to a weak, pathetic authoritarian. The worst of the GOP haven’t been misled by him — they’ve worshipped and strived to be him. But none have stoked fear, spewed lies, or left destruction in their path quite like Don the con has.

Despite the knowledge that Cheney did indeed welcome her cancellation, her somewhat monotoned speech was still quite welcome and impactful. She spoke of the sacrifice of others here and abroad in the name of democracy and freedom, but was mostly forward-looking, warning of the additional damage that can be had by the Big Lie. I for one hope she continues speaking her truth and making her colleagues cringe at every opportunity.

As for Cheney’s presidential aspirations, they are very likely for naught. The misogynistic GOP is about as far away from nominating a female presidential candidate in this decade as they are a man of color. What’s left of the GOP now is way more backward than it was when John McCain named Sarah Palin his running mate. But then again, desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures, especially when facing such a successful and beloved foe as President Biden.

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