Former prosecutor: it’s now a “certainty” that Donald Trump will be charged and arrested in New York

Last night the news broke that the Manhattan District Attorney has hired an outside prosecutor, with expertise in white collar crime and mob boss trials, to help with the criminal case against Donald Trump. Palmer Report’s interpretation of this news was that it means Trump will definitely stand criminal trial in New York. It turns out we’re not the only ones.

Richard Signorelli is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney at the SDNY. He now believes it’s a “certainty” that the Manhattan District Attorney will bring criminal charges against Donald Trump and others in the Trump Organization, based on the appointment of the new outside prosecutor.

Everyone wants to know when Trump will be criminally charged. Here at Palmer Report, we don’t have any way of predicting this. Signorelli also believes that the timing is an open question. He’s pointing out that no one knows whether the Manhattan DA will wait until the Supreme Court turns over Trump’s tax returns, or if the initial indictments will be brought before that. He also points to the possibility that the DA will bring some charges sooner than others, due to the statute of limitations.

In any case, it’s more clear than ever that Donald Trump is going to be indicted and arrested in New York, and that he’ll stand trial. You can read Richard Signorelli’s entire informative thread here.

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