Forbes publicly apologizes to Palmer Report

One of the most challenging aspects of being an independent political news outlet like Palmer Report is that whenever you outshine the major news outlets, they never acknowledge it. Instead they often simply retaliate. Over the years various major news sites, on the left and right, have lined up to dishonestly attack Palmer Report in retaliation for the fact that our track record of accurate predictions and analysis usually runs circles around theirs. It’s become enough of an epidemic that the trolls who have been holding Palmer Report’s Wikipedia page hostage have added the words “liberal fake news website” to the very first sentence of the page.

Even as we navigate the lengthy and difficult legal process of forcing an international entity like Wikipedia to correct the Palmer Report page, various competing news outlets have used it as an excuse to falsely accuse us of being “fake news.” For instance, Forbes published an article today about President Joe Biden which included a snippet from Palmer Report but then casually referred to us a “liberal fake news website.”

Once we contacted the Forbes author and demanded an apology and retraction, he immediately removed the “fake news” reference from his article, and he indeed posted a public apology. This is to his credit. Whatever went so embarrassingly wrong within Forbes’ editorial process that this false accusation against us (copy-pasted from Wikipedia no less) was allowed to make it onto the Forbes website, at least they had the integrity to promptly atone for it.

This comes just 48 hours after an international news outlet called Media Update also retracted its false claim that Palmer Report was “fake news,” and also posted a public apology for having done so.

If nothing else, the mainstream media appears to finally be realizing that it can’t just opportunistically lie about Palmer Report and get away with it. There are still several more major news sites that have yet to apologize for having falsely accused Palmer Report of being “fake news” – so there’s clearly more work to be done. But at least the apologies are starting to come in.