First Lady Dr. Jill Biden hits it out of the park


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Jill Biden has been First Lady for not even two weeks, yet already she is proving to be far more effective, caring, and sincere than her predecessor was over four long years. Although Biden plans to continue teaching at Northern Virginia Community College, she is already taking official action to bring comfort and dignity to Americans while restoring our nation’s reputation in the world.

Two days after President Biden’s inauguration, Jill Biden decided to tour Whitman-Walker, a not-for-profit health center near the White House that specializes in LGBTQ and HIV healthcare. After listening to the challenges of reaching patients during the coronavirus pandemic, Biden offered her encouragement: “We’re in your corner… You are all the best. Thank you so very much.”

Biden’s next stop was a surprise visit to thank the National Guard troops for leaving their home states to protect the nation’s capital following the Trump-incited insurrection. Introducing herself as a “National Guard mom,” Biden offered cookies and words of praise. “I just wanted to come today to say thank you to all of you for keeping me and my family safe,” she said, adding that the Guard holds a “special place in the hearts of all the Bidens.”

Four years ago, after Trump’s inauguration, Melania Trump remained absent from the White House and broke precedent by waiting days before even choosing a chief of staff. Biden, by contrast, hired Julissa Reynoso Pantaleon well before Inauguration Day, a move that enabled her to hit the ground running with a bold, progressive agenda.

One item on Biden’s agenda is the revival of the Joining Forces initiative, which she co-founded ten years ago with former First Lady Michelle Obama. This initiative provides support for service members, veterans, and their families by involving the public and private sector to offer families tools they need to thrive. Biden recently assured organizations supporting military families that Joining Forces will “build on what we learned” and will “continue to listen and work with you.”

Another item on Biden’s agenda is aimed at trying to right one of the most egregious and agonizing wrongs of the monstrous Trump administration. On Tuesday, President Biden is expected to announce a task force to reunify migrant families with their children who were summarily caged at the southern border. Jill Biden will take an active role in this taskforce, striving to locate the parents of over 500 innocent children who fell victim to Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy.


Biden cannot stand in starker contrast to her predecessor, who made a token visit to a border facility in 2018 wearing a jacket that broadcast the message, “I really don’t care. Do U?” Unlike Melania Trump, who ran a failed, farcical, and grammatically awkward “Be Best” campaign, Jill Biden has a heart and soul, and her upcoming work on family reunification will serve as a persistent reminder of just how cruel and apathetic the Trumps were. Dr. Jill Tracy Biden is the real deal.


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