Fiona Hill just dropped a house on Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s former National Security Council official Fiona Hill testified to the House impeachment inquiry today. It was behind closed doors, but just enough details have leaked out to make clear how badly it went for Donald Trump. In fact it’s starting to look like she just dropped a house on him.

Fiona Hill, a career professional who has never shown any inkling of personal loyalty to Donald Trump, ended up testifying for roughly ten hours, according to NBC News. This alone is bad news for Trump, as it means she had plenty of relevant information to give the committee. Then Democratic Congressman Denny Heck, who was in the hearing, stepped in front of the cameras.

Congressman Heck said that Fiona Hill knew her stuff and that she displayed a nearly “eidetic memory” of the events that transpired. He then addressed the fact that some House Republicans are complaining about the closed-door nature of her testimony, saying “They are darn lucky it wasn’t public.”

In other words, Fiona Hill just nailed Donald Trump to the wall. The mere fact that she was testifying today appeared to motivate Gordon Sondland to leak that he plans to throw his ally Trump under the bus during his own testimony this week, ostensibly so Sondland doesn’t take the fall for everything that Hill just spelled out. Before too long, Hill’s testimony transcript will be publicly released, and based on Heck’s assessment, it’ll be devastating to Trump.

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