Finishing them off

Many Republicans are going to hear all the egregious evidence in this Senate impeachment trial and vote not guilty. Each and every one of them will spin their decision to make them appear as if they have a conscience. But don’t be fooled. A minute into that first video of Trump inciting his followers, it was obvious he was guilty. In fact, anyone who was even vaguely paying attention knows Trump is guilty. But none of this will matter to the Hawleys, Greenes and Blackburns.

It’s vitally important that this trial go forward to allow the American people to see the evidence. It’s also critical that they see these Republican Senators vote against an obvious truth that they’ll have seen before their own eyes. The only way to rid Congress of this corrupt scourge is not to call on these traitorous Senators and vilify them. They don’t care. They only care what their donors think. So, it’s time to go after the corporations and individuals who are funding these criminals.

The FEC lists all of these Senators’ donors. We need to start making them more public by publishing them on social media. We need to call on them to cease their donations. By willfully continuing to prop up a Senator who votes not guilty, they are inciting anarchy and violence. And they should know it, too, by a multitude of phone calls and boycotts.

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