Donald Trump’s final payday

Donald Trump has reportedly swindled $150 million from his supporters by pretending to contest the election. The kicker is that with his debt level, and the minimum loan payments required just to sustain it, he’s probably blown through the $150 million in the time it took him to steal it.

When a lifelong grifter realizes he’s about to face charges, he usually tries one last grift, to cover his upcoming legal expenses. He figures if he’s facing a bunch of felony charges anyway, what’s the risk of one more felony count in order to pay for his lawyers? That’s where Trump is right now. We’ve seen Manafort and others go for one last big corrupt payday just as they’re getting indicted. It’s a loophole that needs to be closed. At least Trump is ripping off his own supporters instead of trying to get the money out of us.

– The conservative argument always comes down to some variation of “sure, our side has been wrong about every single thing at every point in history, but this time we’re right for once, we swear!”

– President-elect Joe Biden spoke today. No insults were hurled. There were no international incidents. No one was improperly fired. Didn’t pardon any of his friends. Not one mention of “massive dumps.” I’m really liking this Biden guy.

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