Rick Gates???

We’re all still trying to figure out the redacted name in the DOJ criminal case exposing a bribery-for-pardon scheme. The name of the person seeking clemency appears to be 5-6 letters long, and ends in an “S” based on the redactions. Some eagle eyed observers have pointed out that Rick Gates fits the profile.

Another clue is that the Feds have already raided someone’s office and seized dozens of electronic devices. Wendy Seigelman pointed out awhile back that when the Feds raided Elliott Broidy’s office, they seized records related to – you guessed it – Rick Gates.

This doesn’t prove that it’s Rick Gates. In fact there are reasons to question if it’s him. For instance, thanks to his plea deal, Gates was only sentenced to 45 days in prison, which he ended up serving at home due to the pandemic anyway. Is this someone who tries to buy a pardon? Gates isn’t exactly someone who could afford to buy a pardon anyway, unless someone else bought it for him. In any case, the truth will come out eventually.

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