Felony incitement

– Democrats got rid of Al Franken at the first hint of inappropriate behavior. Republicans still haven’t lifted a finger over those in their ranks who committed felony incitement and sedition. It tells you everything about each party that you’ll ever need to know.

– Trump is gone and we’re still having Friday night news dumps about his criminal scandals but the difference now is he doesn’t have the nuclear codes.

– Politics makes more sense once you realize the Republicans are the arsonists and the Democrats are the firefighters.

– If Trump had just accepted his election loss, he’d still have his banks and his golf tournaments, he’d be less likely to face federal criminal charges, and he’d be getting to tweet all kinds of anti-Biden stuff. Trump’s insurrection was the biggest self-own in American history.

– Meghan McCain is a fountain of false information and misinformed views. It’s irresponsible and dangerous for The View to keep her on the air just because of her last name.

– How can the New York Times be so good at investigative pieces like the one exposing Trump’s DOJ election plot, and simultaneously so full of crap when it comes to stories about Biden’s wristwatch?

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