Donald Trump goes berserk about FBI Director Christopher Wray

Tonight’s joint press conference, in which Trump stooge John Ratcliffe insisted that Iran is somehow plotting against Donald Trump in the election, and respected FBI Director Christopher Wray pointed out the fact that Russia has been meddling in the election all along, was a tipoff that something strange was going on behind the scenes.

Our educated guess is that Trump told Ratcliffe to hold a press conference that helped him, and Ratcliffe felt he needed Wray on board, but Wray was only willing to do it if he got to speak up about Russian meddling. Now a Washington Post report suggests that there is indeed something afoot.

Donald Trump just leaked that he’s considering firing Chris Wray after election day, if he doesn’t take action against Joe Biden before election day. This is a pretty weird threat. If Trump loses, he’ll have no real remaining leverage during the transition period; if Trump then fires him, Biden could turn around and re-hire him for all we know.

But weird and poorly thought out threats are a hallmark of a failing corrupt leader, so it’s not surprising to see Donald Trump making the threat that he’s making. There’s no reason to expect that Trump’s flaccid threats will have any real impact on anything. But it’s yet another reminder that we need to turn out and vote in historic numbers, so that none of these antics matter.

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